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Our facial range at Relax and Revive is extensive. We believe that both men and women benefit from looking after their skin. We have a strong  Holistic approach to our facial treatment’s, but this is also reflected in the skincare products we use. We do not believe in  using harsh chemicals to obtain maximum results. From steam to  skin tightening and  radio frequency facials, there is something there for everyone to enjoy, and see the results that they want.

Massage Therapy

Massage should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, even if it is only occasionally, both the physiological and psychological benefits are amazing. We all live such busy lives and taking just half an hour or an hour out of the hustle and bustle of everyday life is beneficial. Massage is a very personal treatment, and there are many reasons why massage is needed. It could be due to a Sports Injury, or to aid with muscular issues. Whatever your reason for massage, it improves everyone’s mental health, doesn’t matter what walk of life you are from, that’s as good a reason as any to have massage!

Detox & Purification

Many of our treatments have both a detox and purification effect on your body. With massage, the lymphatic drainage that is done during the treatment aids the body in expelling toxins from the muscles, which creates a detox effect. Our facials work on the purification of your skin by expelling all of the impurities that can cause not only blockages in the skins pores, but clears congestion.

Skin & Waxing

Having healthy skin can sometimes be difficult to maintain on your own. This could be due to medical issues that have a negative impact on your skin, stress or inherited skin conditions. All of our facial ranges will help with any issues that any individual has. Even if you are looking for something for a relaxing treatment, we have it all.

Our waxing treatments are for both men and ladies. We have many clients who need waxing because of their chosen sport, such as swimmers and cyclists. Our range or warm wax’s are all made from natural ingredients and suitable for even the most sensitive skin type.


What They Say

Been coming to Maria for years great service always puts me right feel like a million dollars after treatment

Thank you to both Maria and Becki for their sensitive and professional care, first class treatments and results. Highly recommended.

Completely solved my back pain issues in one single session, highly recommended.

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