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Totally 100% recommended. I can honestly say Maria knows what she is doing and the causes of sports injuries. And more importantly how to fix you. (2013)

Andy Giles

As a keen golf player I had issues with ongoing pain in the lower back. I now see Maria every month without fail for maintenance. Thank you . (2011)

Mr P Merritt

I was given Maria’s number by a friend, as I was struggling with lower back pain while playing Polo.In a very short space of time, Maria has rectified the issues that I had and kept me injury free. I can’t thank her enough. Maria knows her stuff! (2011)

Mr M Garrett

I have had regular massages in the past, mainly to chill out and relax. I see Maria monthly, again for relaxation but Maria works differently to other therapists. Maria has the ability to find issues that you yourself didn’t know you had and uses trigger points with other methods to quickly resolve the problems. I feel great (2011)

Miss K Harper

I travel to see Maria every week…one of the best Sports Therapists in the UK…Fact. (2011)

Paul Miller

I play tennis at a semi pro level and have struggled to find someone who can help me with various issues. I was recommended to Maria, and wouldn’t go anywhere else now, she’s brilliant. (2012)

Miss A Davis

Since starting treatment the overall benefits of Sports Therapy / Deep Tissue massage have had a great effect on my well being. A better understanding of the relationship of muscle groups helps to avoid damage during gym training. Overall – great results.(2009)

Gary Cardin

I have been seeing Maria on a weekly basis for the past 18 months. I initially had an issue with an old rugby injury which Maria quickly rectified.Having been advised by a physio not to play rugby anymore, Maria laughed and replied “lets prove otherwise!” and to my apprehension,she was right! Maria has such an outstanding knowledge of her industry that is unsurpassed, which has extended my participation within rugby and golf alongside keeping me injury free.I have used Physio’s and Sports Therapists previously, however Maria’s methods and dedication have earned her my total respect and I would not envisage using anybody else. She has an amazing personality,and sense of humour and has quite rightly earned the name “magic hands”. Anyone who is a client of Maria’s will confirm the same, I only wish I had known Maria years ago! (2010)

M Byrne

No pain no gain! Fantastic treatment, really tight muscles released and feels great after. (2009)

Beverley Hubbard

The best Sports Therapist in the business! (2013)

Paul Coulson

It was my first visit to Maria and I thoroughly enjoyed it and felt the benefit. (2009)

Shirley Guy

Maria has been responsible for fixing my back for the last 18 months. Maria’s knowledge of her profession is outstanding and I would not use anyone else. She has a fab sense of humour and is an exceptional sports therapist. (2012)

Mr C Morgan

Hi Maria, My name is Livia Warrington, I came to see you back in April for a deep tissue massage. At the time I was experiencing severe pain in my upper back, neck and head which neither my doctor nor my physio could diagnose. After 2 years of pain all they suggested was that i was holding my handbag wrong therefore causing posture problems. During treatment you identified there was a problem in my upper neck relating to my discs and recommended I request an MRI referral from my doctor to check it out. I subsequently got the referral and the MRI results indicated I have a tumour on C2, which is pressing on my spinal cord and causing the pain ive been experiencing. I have seen a neurologist and thankfully the tumour is operable, and hope to have surgery in the next month or so. Im not sure if you’ll remember me but I just wanted to say a huge thankyou, without your expertise I would probably still be in the dark about my condition. I am so so glad I came to see you, and wanted to let you know how grateful I am for your professional advice. All the best Livvy (2013)

L Warrington

Thank you so much for all the wonderful treatments. We greatly appreciate everything you do to keep us going. I have been delighted with the improvement in my back this year. We all love coming to see you, apart from the treatments, it’s such fun and so relaxing for us and we really look forward to our visits. How fortunate we are to have you as our Therapist. We trust your judgements implicitly and know that whatever treatment you suggest, it will be the right one to get us back on the road to good health. (2012)

Mrs M Jephcott

No pain, no gain ! Came in, in pain – went through more pain…..left feeling pain free! (2009)

Neil Dawson

Hi Maria,I am just thanking you for what you have done with my back and my neck this morning,its just totally amazing.I am at work today and I feel a million dollars and that’s what you should insure your hands for!! You are fantastic and a lovely person. I am at work this afternoon,thank you very much for this morning. (2012)

Mr Parmar

Full and complete. Very deep – very good, more soon.(2009)

Malcom Titmus

Excellent Sports Therapist. Highly recommended indeed. Thank you for your help and advise (2013)

Mr D Parkes

I am totally impressed with how Maria has helped me over the past two years. Even though Maria has celebrity clients,she is so funny and always makes me laugh and has her feet on the ground. More to the point, she always has time for everyone. (2012)

Andy Irvine

I was suffering from a rather stiff lower and upper back. I had a series of treatments with Maria from Relax and Revive and the results were excellent, I was able to sit, relax and sleep without discomfort or pain. Excellent service, excellent results! (2009)

Stuart Gillard

I have been seeing Maria for the last 3 months and have experienced her wonderful aromatherapy/lymphatic drainage massages. I have no particular aches or pains but have the treatments to maintain and enhance my health. What I particularly like is that she uses a combination of her knowledge, experience and intuition to make a special blend of essential oils especially for me… which always leaves me feeling much better and uplifted after the treatment. Her lovely warm personality is very disarming and unquestionably enhances the treatment. I can’t see myself ever looking for another practitioner as she more than meets all my needs. From a very happy and satisfied client ? (2009)

Jo Kilburn

I see Maria for Aromatherapy massage, but on my first visit Maria found issues with my lower spine than had been painful for a number of years. Maria changed the treatment methods, and I now have benefited more than ever. Maria knows what she is doing and does it very well. All of my family are now under her care. (2012)

Miss L Crowe

Awesom, Kind,and very knowledgeable. Maria just sorts out whats wrong with you. (2013)

Susan Pugh

Thank you SO MUCH for everything this year so far ? (2012)

Laurent Olivier Lebrun

If you are serious about sorting out a sports injury or looking for excellent health and well being treatments, this is the place to go. Awesome (2013)

S Muir

Awesome….she keeps me playing Rugby. (2012)

Mr M Carter

I have tried many Sports Therapists ect in my time. However, Maria tells you exactly what the route cause is and why its happening. Nothing is to much trouble for her to explain, and she checks that you do the exercises ect that you are given. (2013)

Andy Cole

I have been having regular treatment from Maria for about four months. This alone is a testament to Maria’a professionlism and knowledge. Over that period,severe symptoms greatly relieved.(2009)

Brian Gardom

Maria is a dear friend and is responsible for looking after all our family, even our grandmother who is over 80 years of age. Maria makes time for you and not only chills you out, but makes just feel great and relaxed. (2012)

Mrs A Moore

I see Maria monthly for deep tissue work on my back and legs. I can bike ride longer with no pressure on my lower back and now with pain free knees. We compare stories on our bike riding accidents…Maria’s are hilarious..alongside her roller skating escapades. My ribs alone ache when I leave after laughing so much! (2012)

Miss E Baggott

I found Maria’s details on the internet as I was looking for a Reflexologist. I booked in to see Maria for my first session and can confirm that within that first hour, she made me feel so at ease. Maria always greets you with such a wonderful smile that makes you feel welcome. I am very glad to say that I have been seeing Maria for over a year now, and she always takes the time to listen, and nothing is to much trouble for her. Maria’s patience and reputation is outstanding, and she makes me laugh too! That in itself is therapy ! (2011)

W Andrews

It was my first visit and I felt instant results and a relief that it was not arthritis in my knees. Excellent session.(2009)

Elaine D Round

I travel to see Maria once a month as I will not go to another Sports Therapist. I can compete again now in marathons and its down to her alone! (2012)

Miss A Winnemore

Maria is always smiling and a pleasure to go and see. She keeps you motivated and reassured when you have an injury, and gives you correct advise and fixes you quickly. (2013)

Kevin Manton

Amazingly good feeling. Now I can move my arms – wonderful. (2008)

Valerie Daggat

I ensure I see Maria every month for maintenance. She has rectified the issues that I had with my knees, and I longer have the aches that I had before..she is brilliant ? (2011)

Paul Muirfield

I always feel really relaxed after I have seen Maria. I adore the way she warms the oils beforehand, which is so wonderful in the cold weather. Very relaxing indeed. (2012)

Miss C Masters

I have been for massage treatments before, mainly in so called salons ect. However, after seeing Maria,I know where I have gone wrong. All of Maria’s qualifications are clearly visible in her clinic, and her knowledge is shown within the treatment received, her knowledge and how she fixes you. 5* (2013)

Miss S Cavanagh

I was referred to Maria by a gym buddy who uses the same well known gym in Solihull. I thought my training served me well. I had severe knee pain and struggled to run. Thanks to Maria, its all sorted. I would have never had ultrasound until I met Maria, and maybe had given up. Her sense of humor is wicked too. (2012)

Mr S Callway

I was given Maria’s number by a colleague which I wish I had called sooner. Maria has helped me sort out the issues with my knees. Because of this, my golfing days are more frequent. (2012)

Mr T Fellows

I came to see Maria initially for Sports Massage therapy. After a couple of sessions Maria referred me to one of the Chiropractors as Maria was concerned with issues with previous surgery that had been done on my knee. Thankfully and due to this, further issues came to light, which were treatable with both Chiropractic care and further deep tissue work off Maria. My condition has improved immensely, which probably wouldn’t have happened if Maria through her experience hadn’t referred me. Deep tissue work is still ongoing as a maintenance treatment plan, and I am more than pleased with the results and long term resolution.(2010)

Paul Myford

Hi Maria I wanted to drop you a line to say “Thank You” for the massage this evening. I found it most relaxing, beneficial and down right brilliant lol, and all done by such a lovely person. I will definitely recommend to anyone who asks. I will definitely be booking again so if you could let me know any availability for about a months time that would be great. Take care and thanks loads again Kind regards Steve Westlake (2012)

Mr S Westlake

Fantastic clinic. Don’t be fooled by salons offering the same treatments. The treatments here are provided by a practitioner who is 100% qualified to carry out what is advertised.(2014)

Mrs J Murphy

Very good treatment indeed.(2008)

Irene Beasley

Peaceful, relaxing treatments…thank you Maria for looking after me and the family. (2013)

Mrs S Coley

Intense pain, groans and moans and agony. I just wouldn’t have it any other way. I love it. (2009)

Leigh Jefferies

I have been seeing Maria every 10 days now for treatments over the past year. I was referred to Maria by my Chiropractor, who advised that Maria could help with deep tissue work. Afer each treatment, I felt more flexible, and the pain I felt decreased. I have undergone a hip replacement recently and have started having Reflexology sessions with Maria. It has helped with the lymph drainage and swelling in the ankles. I have felt relaxed and calm afterwards and it has drastically reduced my stress levels. I believe everyone should have access to all the treatments Maria provides and I can confirm that she is very knowledgeable within all aspects of her work and I would highly recommended that anyone who wants to improve their well being to see Maria. (2009)

Margaret Smoldon

Dear Maria, I just wanted to thank you once again for a fabulous massage. I am currently feeling very relaxed and chilled out! You will definitely be seeing me again, (2012) Kind Regards Michael

Mr Wongsam

I’ve been seeing Maria for nearly a year now as a consequence of particularly lower back pain, which at times had become quite crippling. I’ve seen many therapists over the years, not always because something has been wrong but because of my belief that prevention is better than cure, and Maria is certainly one of the best practitioners I’ve had the pleasure to meet. She’s very knowledgeable in her fields; she’s an excellent communicator who has the art of putting you at ease, making the treatment not only good for your body but for your mind and spirit too! As a result of her treatment, my lower back has vastly improved, although my jaw is aching from all the laughter she puts me through (smile). As someone who has been working in the field of personal growth and well-being for over 30 years, I can honestly say that Maria is a first-class professional and I unreservedly recommend anyone who’s experiencing pain or discomfort or simply wants to keep the body whole and well to make the time to go and experience one of her many wonderful treatments. (2009)

Easton Hamilton

Wonderful massage, massive improvement in just one visit. (2009)

Paul Hughes

One word….”superstar”…keeps me playing as a tight head prop…awesome results. I never miss an appointment. (2012)

J Andrews

Flipping brilliant! (2013)

Amanda Yates

Maria is excellent at what she does. Even working with the celebrities that she has, Maria is so chilled and a brilliant therapist. Thank you ? (2013)

Caroline Weston

I have seen many Sports Therapists previously for injury treatment, however after seeing Maria, they fail in comparison. Maria really knows how to fix you..and she does exactly that. Thank you ! (2012)

P Davis

Thank you for all your help and kindness…Marc feels so much better…no headaches…no pins and needles…you have done a fabulous job.He feels so much better…very much appreciated xxx (2012)

Mrs M Cartwright

I was recommended to Maria by my colleague after seeing several physios.I am more than happy with what she has done and helped me with. She knows how to put people back together, and has the ability to believe in yourself! (2012)

Paul Oakfield

I have been seeing Maria for just over 4 months now, initially for stress management. I have had many Aromatherapy massages before, however Maria’s techniques have had the most profound effect. I now ensure I see Maria every month as my treat. Maria’s sense of humour alone makes me laugh, which is also great therapy and she always cheers me up! I class her as one of my closest friends and wouldn’t use anyone else for any Holistic treatments. (2010)

Mrs E Robson

Highly recommended indeed:) (2013)

Andy Robinson

I have been suffering from spondylosis and arthritis for the last several years. No amount of prescribed or natural medication has helped me. Maria has been my therapist for the past two years and has provided me with indian head massage, hot stone therapy and deep tissue massage. Maria was kind enough to put into place long term treatment plans which has improved my condition and mobility. This in turn has reduced the amount of pain relief I take orally. (2009)

Ethel Gillard

I found Maria’s details through the internet and contacted her to discuss stress management. I can confirm that after the first treatment I felt better both physically and emotionally. Although I have to tavel to see Maria, it is worth every penny. I am only thankful that I can get an appointment every month to see her as I know how busy her diary gets! (2012)

Mrs M Doyle

I am counting on Maria getting me into shape for the London Marathon! Her sense of humor is awesome and she has helped me no end! No more pronation of the knees!! (2012)

Miss K Evans

Maria has helped me train for various marathon events, and knows when something isn’t working as it should. The time she invests in ensuring what I do works, is untouchable. I refuse to see anyone else. Maria takes the time to explain what she does and why. There are not many people who will take time out to do that for you. Thank you so much- you are a star. (2012)

P Connolly

Maria is by far, the best Sports Therapist in the Midlands. I never miss an appointment with her and feel great,and I no longer sustain injury’s. ? (2012)

Paul Hines

Three words to describe Maria…Awesome…funny…brilliant ? (2012)

Steven Giles

Awesome, really fun person, great treatment.(2009)

James Stanley

I have been a patient of Maria’s for over a year now. I initially went with periodic issues with my lower back. Maria quickly rectified these in a short space of time, however I still see Maria on a monthly basis for a check up. Maria always has time to listen to you, even if her clinic runs over….and she is always smiling and nothing is to much trouble for her. (2012)

Ms S Singer

Thank you for all your help, and ongoing support. Loving my Pilates now. (2013)

Karen Bate

I have experienced lower back pain for a number of years which eventually prompted me to seek specialist support. After only a few sessions with Maria, what struck me most about Maria was her enthusiasm and knowledge of her craft, her total professionalism and the care she shows to her clients needs. Maria is an extremely likeable and funny individual who is quick to put you at your ease. I would thoroughly recommend Maria to anyone experiencing pain or who simply want to improve their wellbeing. (2010)

Patrick Murtagh

Maria has magical hands!I see Maria for deep tissue massage to help with an on-going issue with my knees. The swelling is always reduced and the knees feel much more flexible as a result.I really need to see her every day! I whole heartedly recommend her. (2011)

Elaine Jackson

Maria is just awesome. She really knows her job. I can’t thank her enough for all her help. Even though she knows all these famous people, she takes it all in her stride and is always smiling. Thank you so much ? (2012)

Paul Derby

I have had two individual treatments with Maria. My first was Reflexology and the second was Aromatherapy massage. I was amazed of the effects that both treatments had. The reflexology does treat the body as a whole, and not just an isolated issue. I felt very relaxed throughout both treatments, which helped reduce my stress levels to the minimum. Maria is a very experienced Therapist,comes highly recomended and makes everyone feel at ease and very welcome.(2009)

Manjit Johal

I have being seeing Maria for two years and would never change to anyone else. She has helped me so much and I can’t thank her enough. Maria is the best by far. (2011)

Caroline Smart

I will be honest about Maria as a sports therapist, so here it is. Never ever have I had any kind of advice or explanantion given to me off any sports therapist after a treatment that has been in depth like Maria. She went through why I had the pain in my knees and what do do about it. More importantly she makes sure you do your rehab exercises and stretches. I feel better than ever and have had no pain after running and no injuries. No wonder she is known as magic hands, with the brains to match too! (2012)

Mr M Blackman

I am more than happy with the results that Maria has given me. She is always smiling and happy and such a lovely person to see. Nothing is to much trouble and she gets the job done correctly. (2011)

Mr S Boyd

I have seen chiropractors and osteopaths over the years to help with arthritis, which hasn’t been improved much. The work Maria does, helps immensely, with keeping the muscles moving and pain free helps my condition no end. Thanks (2012)

Mr S Dillaway

I travel to see Maria every two weeks. She is awesome, and fixes you to carry on with your sporting career. Highly recommended and brilliant. (2011)

Mr P Knowles

I was referred to Maria by a friend. I wouldn’t now see anyone else. She is very knowledgeable and is a pleasure to see. (2012)

Miss N Gedding

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