Warm and Hot Wax Treatments


Waxing is considered to be the most effective method for removing unwanted hairs from practically any part of the body. Waxing is the epilation method which ensures complete removal of hair shafts from underneath surface of the skin. Waxing is also one of the long lasting temporary hair removal methods. Not only do athletes remove unwanted hair for their public image but athletes also get rid of excess hair to improve athletic performance. Body builders also take to waxing for unwanted hair. Nearly all body builders have hair removal needs.

Another athlete who takes to waxing is the swimmer, who also needs to get their hair removed since the long hair would drag them down in the water. Smooth skin for a swimmer is essential to their performance which is why most swimmers choose waxing over shaving due to the fact that when shaving, it needs to be done almost every day whereas waxing can leave skin smooth for between two to six weeks

So not only can waxing help you stay smoother for longer but it can also be used to help improve athletic performance whether it’s on the field, in the pool or in the gym.

Some of the waxing benefits are listed below:

  • Long Lasting Smooth and Silky Skin: As told above waxing removes hair from the roots hence it takes longer time for new hair to grow back. Though the duration of growth of new hair varies from person to person and skin types but generally it is observed that it takes around 3-8 weeks. Waxing ensures long periods of smooth, silky and hair free skin.
  • Reduced Skin Damage: As compared to other hair removing techniques like creams or shaving, waxing does not have negative effect on your skin. Most commonly observed skin damages associated with other hair removal methods are pigmentation, cuts or bad smelling skin. Even the wax used for the process is 100% natural hence the chances of reaction due to harsh chemicals are zero.
  • Softer and Finer Body Hair: After waxing the new hair that grows back are soft and fine. The other advantage of waxing is that it does not causes ugly stubble which is usually associated with shaving.
  • Exfoliation: Besides removing unwanted body hairs waxing also rejuvenate skin and removes dead skin cells. So it can be said that indirectly it serves the function of skin exfoliation.
  • Diminishes Hair Growth: Repeated and regular waxing diminishes hair growth. Gradually you will observe sparse and scanty hair growth which might even lead to complete cessation of hair growth.
  • Cost Efficient: As compared to other hair removing techniques waxing is the most cost efficient method.

Waxing Price List

Eyebrows           £9.00

Lip or Chin          £6.00

1/2 Leg               £18.00

Full Leg              £25.00

Full Arm             £ 15.00

Forearm            £ 14.00

Underarm          £6.00

Chest Or Back   £18.00

Chest & Back £32.00