Biomechanics Assessment



What is Biomechanics?

Biomechanics is the science concerned with the internal and external forces acting on the human body, and the effects produced by these forces. Biomechanics can play a crucial role in both injury prevention and performance enhancement. It is important for any athlete of all ages and skill level, as a biomechanical assessment can be beneficial to you , as it will allow you the opportunity to be more efficient in movement, and be pain and injury free.

Anyone who suffers from recurrent back, hip, knee or foot pain can benefit from a biomechanics assessment. It is an in depth and highly detailed assessment of your posture and the way you move, which will find the underlying cause of any muscular or skeletal pain. A biomechanics assessment maybe one of the most important consultations you will ever have. The outcome of your assessment may require you to have bespoke orthotic insoles which are worn in the patients shoes, providing support for the feet, legs and will also level the pelvis. Orthotics are ordered through our clinic, prices may vary according to the need of the patient .

Biomechanics Assessment Charge:

The charge for a Biomechanics Assessment is £100.00, which includes:

An in depth clinical assessment of your posture
A digital pelvic inclinometer will be used to assess your leg length and pelvic function
Footwear assessment

If you are unsure if you would benefit from orthotics, but do suffer from recurrent back pain, joint or muscular pain, then book in with clinic for a free no obligation 30 minute assessment. You can book direct by telephone or email: